Oxygen's Strut Is Coming to Break Down Barriers and Throw Shade

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Motivate prepared to Strut. Oxygen's new reality arrangement about Slay Model Management, the primary only transgender displaying organization, from Whoopi Goldberg is coming Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. furthermore, you'll meet Laith De La Cruz, Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Ren Spriggs and Arisce Wanzer. Yes, it's chronicled and very emotional.

"Our models originate from all kinds of different backgrounds, every single diverse foundation and ethnicities. They are battling with things we would all be able to identify with—attempting to bring home the bacon, battling to become well known and exploring the minefields of individual connections," Goldberg said in an announcement. "These battles are opened up by the way that they are likewise battling to separate obstructions and assuming on the liability of speaking to the transgender group in today's general public. It's a great opportunity to separate cartoon from genuine individuals and that is the thing that we are doing with Strut."

Investigate the trailer above. There are hookups, battles, drink hurling thus much shade.

"Every individual from the cast of Strut advises us that we are all associated by the same cravings to carry on with an existence of acknowledgment, affection and truth," Rod Aissa, official VP of unique programming and improvement at Oxygen Media, said in an announcement. "Notwithstanding snags from their general surroundings, the arrangement showcases these people boldly opening up their reality to viewers in an extremely convincing manner."

Strut debuts Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.

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