4 Simple Nail Art Strategies for Beginners and Nail Art Devotees

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Nail Art Designs

1.  Neutral Pink Nail Art Design

This nail art design receipts plain neutral pink nails to another level of attractive. The silver appearances on top create this edgy aspect that is hard to ignore. It’s delicate, yet it’s so attractive that you can’t supervise it. Also, it can be refashioned in a few simple steps.

What you will need

·         Neutral pink nail polish
·         Silvery nail polish
·         A thin brush


1.   Start by painting your nails with the neutral pink nail polish for your base.
2.   By a thin brush, create two erect lines with silver.
3.   Next, paint discontinuous diagonal lines throughout your nail.
4.   Finish with a best coat.
Nail Art

     2. Two-Toned Navy Blue Nail Art

This nail art design is so simple to refashion, and it looks very fresh         and stylish. You can usage any two colors that you like to accomplish this look and glam up your nails in an ostentatious!

What you will need
·         A navy blue nail polish
·         Light blue shimmer polish
·         Nail strips


1.   Start with smearing two coats of navy blue nail polish.
2.   Place a nail strip obliquely over your nail.
3.   Apply a coat of the light blue shimmer polish.
4.   Top it up with a pure polish to set!
Nail Art

3. Orange and White Flames Nail Art

All about this nail art design is so different and youthful. The color amalgamation is prodigious, and it can be pulled off as the seamless look. You can also usage a different set of nail colors if you’re pointing for a different look.

What you will need

·         A Orange nail polish
·         White nail polish
·         Yellow nail polish
·         Black nail polish
·         Nail art strips


1.   Apply two coats of White nail polish for the base.
2.   Place the strips slantwise across each other and smear a coat of yellow nail polish.
3.   Place another strip vertically at the middle and apply Orange nail polish on one side.
4.   Using the strips, place them and apply black at the base of your nail.
5.   Apply a coat of pure polish to complete the look.
Nail Art


4. Purple-Pink Flowery Nail Art

Don’t these nails appearance beautiful as hell? The white and pink combination is charming and is basically like you have spring on your nails. It’s a simple yet fashionable design and can be refashioned in just a few steps. You can wear it to improve up those dull days or even on a luminous summer day.

What you will need

·         Pink nail polish
·         A white nail polish
·         Purple nail polish
·         A thin nail art brush or a nail art pen


1.   Start with applying one coat of white nail polish for your base.
2.   By a thin brush, create the flowers with a pink nail polish.
3.   Use the purple nail polish to improve some oomph to the pink flowers.

4.   Appearance with a top coat.
Nail Art

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